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Description:   'rur' is a very simple library that you can used to manage yourprogram's recently opened files's history record.

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Minecraft 1.4_01 World Recorder 0.11 SMP World Recorder allows you to save your SMP work so that you can have a backup. It will only record chunks that are loaded in your view, so visit everything you would like to save, and then hit the m key to write the save ...

Puff Proxy Puff Proxy is a tiny http proxy written in Java, with several features:1) 3 cache-eviction policy: FIFO, Last Recently Used and Most Used2) Badword list, useful for parental lock, for example.3) IP black list4) A little engine that prefetches the

Accident Recorder android This is the source code of famous android app named Accident Recorder. Currently the source code is password protected. Please contact to get the password. Here is the application link

WindowsMappedNetworkDriveHistoryEditor With this little tool, you can edit the MRU list (Most recently used) of the windows network-drive-mapping-dialog. You can also erase all saved data (history) with one click. Edit the MRU list (Most recently used) of the windows network-drive-mapping-dialog

Windows Macro Recorder in Perl This is a "Windows Macro Recorder" (and Playback of course). Unlike the dozensof other "Windows Macro Recorder" that exist out there, this one generatesand runs human-editable Perl scripts instead of a proprietary macro format.Needless to say this i

XDVR: X Digital Video Recorder Have you ever wanted to record your favorite TV shows without having to use a VCR or pay proprietary devices like TiVo? Don't like something that the program does or want more features. Well you can change it with XDVR your X digital video recorder. ...

XMMS Recorder XMMS Recorder is an XMMS input plugin that records from your soundcard's input and sends audio to the selected output. It can be used for recording audio to disk, or running a visualisation on an input stream. Works with OSS, eSounD and ALSA.

pyshot, windows session recorder/auditor pySHOT is a session recorder for windows. (soon linux session recorder also) It's a client/server python app using gearman. To use pyshot you must install pyshot-client from on monitored server Windows sessions recorderSearch informations on network/system informationsActive directory authentification (using DSML)Text search on video ...

KDE DVB-T Recorder A DVB-T recorder for KDE. Supports channel scanning, error detection, recording and scheduling of multiple channels with one DVB-T card (if they're on the same frequency), and much more. First version, really experimental.

ProxySwap ProxySwap is a small Windows application, written in C#, that allows you to change your system proxy with ease.It allows you to keep most recently used proxies in one place and quickly switch between them. Storing proxy servers in one placeChecking availability of proxy serverGetting ...

recaptcha Recaptcha Action Plugin is a plugin for autoplay media studio that brings the power of recpaptcha technologies into your desktop applications. Open SourceStableFree

renewal Renewal allows users with Win NT and above to handle more than 1 desktop. At least 4. This program is not very big, not well designed but it does it function, and was meant for learning purposes only.

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